Thursday, 25 April 2013

Philippines, Land of the Morning

In a few hours time, I'll be flying to Subic Bay, Philippines for the 2013 Subic Bay ASTC Asian Triathlon Championship. My flight ticket is graciously sponsored by my university, The National Defense University of Malaysia. And the lodging & registration fee is paid for by the Philippines Triathlon Association, the host. So this this will be sponsored holiday with some swimming, cycling and running. 

All packed & ready to go

Come to think of it, my University is really like no other. The support given in all aspects is really good, be it sports, studies or anything for that matter. So, say you have just finish your SPM and will be continuing your studies but can't decide where. Well, let me recommend you the National Defence University, more specifically the Faculty of Medicine & Defence Health. 

There is a saying: "If you are smart, go to UM; If you are fit & strong, go to Bukit Jalil; But if you are smart, fit & strong, come to the Faculty of Medicine & Defence Health, National Defence University of Malaysia." The home of the brave and lair of warrior doctors. 

We undergo hardships & punishments together


We train to be lethal & deadly


We train also to sustain life

And all in all, forging an unbreakable friendship among comrades 

At the end of the day, the products of the National Defence University march out with pride, earning salutation and respect. 

Back to my actual topic for the day, the triathlon race in Philippines. I find it an honour to be able to race with Asia's best elite triathletes . I'll do my best and make Malaysia proud! So, with that thought on mind and Najwa Latiff serenading me from my earphones I board the airplane, ready to swim like a fish, cycle like a bull and run like the wind! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A weekend with a little swimming

The Malaysian University Sports (MASUM) swimming competition was held last weekend in Melaka, my hometown. I participated with the sole purpose of wanting to gauge my 1500m freestyle swim. I managed to win a silver medal clocking my personal best, 19.28min. Not too bad I guess.

A unique medal which comes in the form of book with the winning certificate  

The swimming competition was on Saturday and Sunday. But for some reason, we left for Melaka on Thursday. That worked out just fine for me. I managed to spend some leisure time at home, spending time with family, catching up with cousins and all in all enjoying this unexpected holiday.

At least this holiday served as a compensation for the confiscated  1 week Mid-Sem break which was suppose to be from 14th of April to the 21th of April. 

Studying in a military university, holidays are rare and precious. We do not get holidays like other universities, our 'long' breaks are 1 week long and they appear once in a blue moon.

 The holidays here are analogous to a deep breath taken after being submerged in water. The breath of life, rejuvenating and reviving us before we plunge back in the water. Hence, holidays are looked forward to, yearned for and lusted for.

But now, our highly intelligent officers deem our short break too long and have decided to cancel our holidays and instead hold a sports carnival during the Mid-Sem holidays. So there goes our holiday along with our morale....

On a more cheerful note, the second year students of the Faculty of Medicine & Defence Health had the rare opportunity to sit in the 3rd ASEAN Chiefs of Military Medical Conference held recently in The Royale Hotel Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Second year medical cadets with our dean and professors

With the theme "Emerging Infectious Disease", military doctors from their respective countries presented papers on how their military medicine system was coping with old and new infectious diseases in the army and war-torn countries. 

Delegates from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia

It was a nice exposure for us, enlightening us on the role we will have to play in the future. Maybe one day, one of us being inspired by these military doctors will follow in their footsteps, sacrificing the comfort and luxury of being a private doctor and serve in underdeveloped countries.

Yours truly, the Lim Shimri