Sunday, 16 June 2013

Many Happy Returns!

My 21st Birthday Party

This is how a normal birthday celebration looks like. Surrounded by friends and family, enjoying one another's company while celebrating the birthday of a love one.

My 21st Birthday "Party"

And this is how birthday celebrations are in the camp. I was somewhere beneath these bastards, fighting to breathe as they tried to restrain me and carry out whatever devious plan installed. It doesn't matter how strong one is or how good a fighter you are, eventually you'll be overwhelmed by sheer number and have to succumb to their will. This is a tradition of some sort for us and it is fun when you are not the victim

If you remember Pidot and Webek, my fellow "pilgrims" who went to Sabah with me. Well, their birthday is just round the corner and I decided to organize a civilised celebration for them. No stripping, no cold dirty water, no eggs,  no nothing. Just a simple get-together before our exams. We even "imported" Pidot's girlfriend all the way from Perak just to surprise him.

From left: Fatin (Pidot's GF) & Farah (Our Black Widow)

The party started with a jubilant and astonished expression from Pidot when his girlfriend, Fatin entered the room.

Pidot on the far left, smiling from ear to ear. Webek next to Pidot waiting for his "girlfriend" to come too.

After a chorus of happy birthday from us, the party proceeded like any other party should. With music serenading us, good food to satisfy our tummies, smiles on everybody's face and love in the air.

And then it was time for our group photo session by our faculty's small pond which is foul smelling and infested with parasites.

Seeing as how this party was supposed to be a civilised one, we had no evil intention of throwing people into the pond, none whatsoever. But for some unknown reason, Webek the birthday boy got suspicious and tried to make a run half-way through the photo session.

You know how predators instinctively chase anything which tries running from them? Like how lions chase down a dear who spots the lion and dashes away. The primeval instinct of hunting it is called, anything which runs from you is prey.

Same scenario here. Webek's try for freedom awoke the beast in us and the birthday boys were quickly caught and thrown into the pond.

Mayhem erupted as more more were caught and thrown into the pond.

Somehow or rather, there was a packet of flour lying around which we conveniently used. 

'I hereby baptise you! Be good and go to church!'

Ladies or guys doesn't matter, in you go with a splatter.

So much for our "civilised" party.

I like this photo. Notice the water hitting Selvan in the face.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Newton's First Law of Motion

Newton's first law of motion states that: An object at rest remain at rest unless acted upon by a force and an object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by a force. In other words, objects at rest tends to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

So once a task has begun, it should be relatively easy to continue doing it, no matter how unpleasant or tiring. So with that in mind, I decided to get my revision for the coming exams in motion, hoping it'll get easier along the way and I'll be well prepared for the finals exams.

On friday night, I planned my entire revision schedule starting from the very next day, Saturday till 2 days before the exam. I was optimistic I could be well prepared and thus I went to bed in high spirits ready to kick ass the next day.

Just as I fell asleep, I was abruptly awoken by someone shaking me and this greeted me the moment I opened my eyes:

Wake up Shimri!!

What happend was that a new set of orders were just given whereby we were to undergo military training the next morning instead of having a free and easy day. So in the middle of the night, we had to drag ourselves out of bed and prepare our gears and equipments for our Obstacle Course Training scheduled for the next day.

When Saturday came, we the medical cadets, dressed in Full-Service-Marching-Order and a Styer AUG strapped to our back,



Scaled walls

Swung across monkey bars

Leaped across barricades

Ford "rivers"

Jumped off "cliffs"

Got dirty and muddy with friends

Pushed on with a smile, even through exhaustion

Fought till the end 

And at the end of the day, we the medical cadets composing of individual from different races, different backgrounds and different personalities all worked together, conquering our fears and achieving new personal achievements.

Medical cadets of 2010 & 2011

If I was asked to name the most important lesson I have learnt since joining the army, I'd say it is "Positive Attitude". I could have been angry as this military exercise messed up my studying schedule, I could have sulked and thrown a tantrum throughout this whole exercise. But since we had to do this exercise, I might else well go through this training with a smile on my face, enjoying it to the max, learning new stuff and gaining new experiences. That is the positive attitude I have learnt.

Since I was the one with the camera, pictures of me are pitifully few. So here is one of the few pictures of me to end this post. Cheers :)