Sunday, 25 November 2012


 My room now has a new little pet snake. One of the instructors caught this little bugger and did not know what to do with it so he gave it to us. Initially, we were a little apprehensive about handling it as we were not sure if it was venomous or not. But based on a few characteristics (rounded head and round pupil) and some research, we came to a conclusion that it is non-venomous/non-lethal. In fact, it is an Orange-necked Keelback found mostly in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 

Allow me introduce one of my roommate: Selvan Mohan. He has been my roommate/housemate since I was doing my foundation in UPNM. He is the 'toughest', the 'strongest' and the 'baddest' soldier I have ever and will ever know.  But this macha here has one great weakness which is: snakes!

Well, with a snake present in the same room as Selvan, naturally we are obligated to have some fun with him. The following pictures took place in my room where we showed Selvan the snake for the first time:

Selvan: 'I wonder what is it they wanna show me??'

As we brought the snake towards him

Selvan: Yin de bo leng ye, ya de ya de!! (screaming in tamil)

Before anyone starts judging, let me assure you that the snake was not hurt or traumatized in any way. As for my roommate Selvan, this is in no way bullying or being cruel. In the army, it is all about facing your fears and conquering them. We are providing valuable training for him to overcome his fear of snakes as this may one day save our lives. Just imagine him blowing our position/cover during a mission just because an earth worm is spotted.

 Another interesting weakness of this macha would be: Cats. His reaction is priceless. 

Interrogating Selvan for information would be relatively easy. Just the presence of a cat and an earth worm would be sufficient to get him talking non-stop. =P   

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Our routine is filled with parades: Morning Parades, Games Parades, Pre-Outing Parades, Post-Outing Parades........... and the list goes on and on and on. Out of all the military activities, I despise parades from the very bottom of my left hypertrophied ventricle. 

Our parades are not those March Pass Parades that occur during Merdeka Celebration, ours is more like a assembly where we stand in formation according to specific Battalion and intake. The whole aim of the parades is to get the strength of cadets present for a certain activity or to make sure all the cadets are in the camp. 

Morning Parade

Allow me to explain what happens during a parade. We stand still throughout the whole parade staring into space, day dreaming away, occasionally stamping our feet and moving our heads when orders are given, then we resume standing still and staring into space again. We're not allowed to talk, to read or to do anything except to stand still and stare into space. 

Each parade will take 1 hour at the very least, anything faster would be a miracle. So with the number of parades we have, just imagine the amount of time wasted. Time which could have been used for studying or training so that we become smarter, fitter and stronger. In other words better soldiers or doctors or whatever we are supposed to be. But no, they'd rather have us standing still for hours becoming more and more stupid and unfit as time passes.

The process where we are made to become mentally retarded by wasting our time via very time consuming parades is called Stupidization. If we are not careful, we may produce officers in the future who are retarded.
I really thank God that as a medical cadet and a triathlete, I'm resistant to Stupidization as I'm exempted from most parades.   

I'm not saying that parades are useless and should be eliminated totally. Parades have their benefits too.  However, they should be kept short and sharp, taking as little time as possible to increase productivity. I don't see why it should take hours just to do simple math to calculate the amount of people present in a parade. Maybe the effects of Stupidization has already taken place? 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mid Sem break :)

I actually had plans to go Sungai Lembing, Kuantan to visit the rainbow waterfall and see my dad's side of the family this holidays. Hotels were booked and transport were all arranged. But, just before the holidays, orders from above came saying that we had to report back to camp 5 days earlier as we had a Map Reading Exercise in Broga Hills for 4 days. Naturally, this order was greeted with lots of cheering and celebration and jubilation. You wish! Hotel bookings had to be canceled and so on. So there went my plans for the holidays.

Somehow or rather at the very last moment, a new set of orders were given where all training was canceled and we will actually have our holidays so yay for us. Thus, I'm back in the small busy town of Melaka where I spent most or rather my whole childhood in :)

Prior to the holidays we had a short field trip to Hospital Tunku Mizan.

We were there to see an exhibition on Field Hospitals. In other words, hospitals set up at war zones/disaster zones. Basically, the hospitals are made up of tents which looks something like this:

Got this off the internet

Could not get a birds eye view of the exhibition but it is similar. The only difference is the color. Ours is bright orange.

The 'ward' area

A fully equipped operating theater 

A mobile kitchen

I find the mobile kitchen redundant. The reason being that the inside of the tents is damn hot. Meals can be easily prepared by just throwing everything inside a pot and leaving it inside the tent to cook. Therefore eliminating the need of the mobile kitchen. Yes, it is that hot inside :P

On a totally unrelated subject, I lost my iPhone in exchange for my sister's DSLR camera. Since I don't utilize the iPhone to it's fullest, using it only for an alarm; and my sis does not release the full potential of the DSLR, taking super HD duck-face photos of herself, thus we decided on this exchange.

As the saying goes: 'A thousand miles begins with the first step', at least now I have my 'shoes' on. Hence, begins the journey of photography.