Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mid Sem break :)

I actually had plans to go Sungai Lembing, Kuantan to visit the rainbow waterfall and see my dad's side of the family this holidays. Hotels were booked and transport were all arranged. But, just before the holidays, orders from above came saying that we had to report back to camp 5 days earlier as we had a Map Reading Exercise in Broga Hills for 4 days. Naturally, this order was greeted with lots of cheering and celebration and jubilation. You wish! Hotel bookings had to be canceled and so on. So there went my plans for the holidays.

Somehow or rather at the very last moment, a new set of orders were given where all training was canceled and we will actually have our holidays so yay for us. Thus, I'm back in the small busy town of Melaka where I spent most or rather my whole childhood in :)

Prior to the holidays we had a short field trip to Hospital Tunku Mizan.

We were there to see an exhibition on Field Hospitals. In other words, hospitals set up at war zones/disaster zones. Basically, the hospitals are made up of tents which looks something like this:

Got this off the internet

Could not get a birds eye view of the exhibition but it is similar. The only difference is the color. Ours is bright orange.

The 'ward' area

A fully equipped operating theater 

A mobile kitchen

I find the mobile kitchen redundant. The reason being that the inside of the tents is damn hot. Meals can be easily prepared by just throwing everything inside a pot and leaving it inside the tent to cook. Therefore eliminating the need of the mobile kitchen. Yes, it is that hot inside :P

On a totally unrelated subject, I lost my iPhone in exchange for my sister's DSLR camera. Since I don't utilize the iPhone to it's fullest, using it only for an alarm; and my sis does not release the full potential of the DSLR, taking super HD duck-face photos of herself, thus we decided on this exchange.

As the saying goes: 'A thousand miles begins with the first step', at least now I have my 'shoes' on. Hence, begins the journey of photography. 


  1. Mobile kitchen FTW!
    And I totally agree at the point where you don't fully utilize your iPhone lol.
    Anywayssss, welcome to the world of photography! You'll fall in love deeply.

    1. Thanks :) Lots to learn first.

    2. Yeah it can be a overwhelming at first! And addictive too... (if you get into editing softwares lol)

  2. I hope this will be last we see of our sister's duckface pictures...