Sunday, 25 November 2012


 My room now has a new little pet snake. One of the instructors caught this little bugger and did not know what to do with it so he gave it to us. Initially, we were a little apprehensive about handling it as we were not sure if it was venomous or not. But based on a few characteristics (rounded head and round pupil) and some research, we came to a conclusion that it is non-venomous/non-lethal. In fact, it is an Orange-necked Keelback found mostly in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 

Allow me introduce one of my roommate: Selvan Mohan. He has been my roommate/housemate since I was doing my foundation in UPNM. He is the 'toughest', the 'strongest' and the 'baddest' soldier I have ever and will ever know.  But this macha here has one great weakness which is: snakes!

Well, with a snake present in the same room as Selvan, naturally we are obligated to have some fun with him. The following pictures took place in my room where we showed Selvan the snake for the first time:

Selvan: 'I wonder what is it they wanna show me??'

As we brought the snake towards him

Selvan: Yin de bo leng ye, ya de ya de!! (screaming in tamil)

Before anyone starts judging, let me assure you that the snake was not hurt or traumatized in any way. As for my roommate Selvan, this is in no way bullying or being cruel. In the army, it is all about facing your fears and conquering them. We are providing valuable training for him to overcome his fear of snakes as this may one day save our lives. Just imagine him blowing our position/cover during a mission just because an earth worm is spotted.

 Another interesting weakness of this macha would be: Cats. His reaction is priceless. 

Interrogating Selvan for information would be relatively easy. Just the presence of a cat and an earth worm would be sufficient to get him talking non-stop. =P   


  1. Lol you're so bad. Eh what happened to Snowy and Joey? Wont the φίδια eat them?

    1. The snake very tiny, impossible to eat the sugar glider. More likely to be trampled to death by the sugar glider :)

  2. Technically, should be phydi, phydia is plural. Selvan would make a really good co-star on this blog. hehe.

    Planning on keeping the snake?