Friday, 20 July 2012


Today marks the first day after my Professional Examination. Before you comprehend the extend of my bliss right now, you'll have to understand how studying medicine in a military environment is. Medicine is a very tough subject, no doubt about that. Consistent studying is needed whereby the months prior the Pro Exam is filled with daily studying and studying and studying and more studying! This may sound easy, but now, in that Equation of amount of studying needed, add in the element of military. Daily parades, 3 hour long hand to hand combat classes, marching, cross countries, shooting practices, military classes, fitness test and so many more. On top of all that, add in triathlon training into that Equation: morning swim sessions before classes begin, evening run or bike training.

It's amazing how we Medical cadets actually manage to find time and the energy to study. I used to wake up at 5 every morning and give up my weekends just to slot in some extra time for revision. I was constantly juggling these 3 elements, studies, sports and military, trying to have a perfect balance where I can excel in all 3 aspects. So my daily routine went something like that: Wake up at 5 with a jump feeling very guilty I slept so early, study till 0615 then go for a swim till 0730, classes from 0800 to 1600, followed by a 10k run and cycling at 1700H, then it'll be prep time from 1900H to 2359H then sleep and the cycles starts again. And not to forget the ever present anxious and guilty feeling when I could be at my books but am not "spices" things up. I'll train a little shorter, eat a tad faster, walk a bit brisker just so I could have more time for revision.

But now, it is all over!! It has been some time since I actually woke up not with a guilty jump but with a slow relax smile when I remember that today I don't have to do anything, nothing at all : ) At least nothing about the studying part. To celebrate this special day, I'll be giving my body a long awaited workout by going for a triathlon training session in Putra Jaya and tomorrow I'll be cycling up to Frazer's Hill. At last, training with some peace of the mind.

From the way I just describe studying, it seemed like a tiresome chore. But no, honestly speaking, I actually quite enjoy studying. The only part tiresome part is the stress with arises due to examinations.

Since exams are over, one would expect long holidays. I wish it was so for us too, but we are confined to barracks with a one month military program planned for us. We'll be having a one week Basic Life Trauma Support course and another week doing our elective posting in Taiping. I hope we get the details soon.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

First Post

I bet you are all surprise when you click the link of my blog. You may be going: huh? He write blog one ah? Since when? So to answer the sophisticated and complicated question on your mind, yeah I do now : P

The reason I'm doing so is that I hope this may act as a window to my life. Some people can just maintain friendships or relationships even if they are half way around the world. Well, I'm not that type, sad to say. I'm the type of person who sucks at sharing experiences and even worse at keeping friends and family up to date of my life. To the extend of people staying in the same room seldom would know what is happening in my life, let alone friends and family outside my direct circle of acquaintances. I believed in the "need-to-know basis". I intent to make some changes and so thus this blog

I spent some time trying to figure out a name for this blog. I wanted something which reflected the purpose of this blog and I came up with: A Walk Of A Soldier. Meaningful and classy, a blog of my walk as a soldier. But then I realized soldiers don't walk, they either march or crawl or roll or run or die. And, I'm not going to be just a soldier, I'm going to be a military doctor. Plus this blog would not just be a record of what happens in my life but also my thoughts and feelings. So at long last I came up with the title: A Walk of A Man To Be. A record through out the years where I'll be learning and maturing to be a man I hope to be one day. Or rather I hope I'll be hardworking enough to continue writing and not make this post my last : )

To make sure this isn't my last post, I intent to write briefly what has happen to me for this past one year, places I gone, events that happen and so on in my next post. So yeah, till then 

Good times : )