Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rainy Rainy Day

Rainy Fridays are the best! Usually on normal Fridays we have Tempur Tanpa Senjata (TTS) or in other words hand to hand combat training for 3 hours in the field under the blistering sun. Not that I'm complaining but a break once in a while is very welcomed. Just imagine chillin in our dorms with the rain pouring outside, the cold wind blowing, the air filled with rain smell.... With that heavenly short stolen moment of respite, rainy Fridays are very much prayed for, wished for and even danced for. But it seldom ever rains on a Friday. It's as if the sky is playing a game with us. It may rain every single day of the week but come Friday, the sun would be shining happily away. It may even rain on Friday but it'll stop just in time for TTS and the sun will shine with a vengeance leaving us to do TTS in a flooded muddy field with the scorching sun on our backs. 

Well, yesterday was a rainy Friday. A very rainy one, I have not seen such a big storm in years. It was as if all Friday rain stored up throughout the years was released at one go. It rained throughout the whole afternoon. The irony was that TTS was already canceled due to my university's convocation. So it seems that it'll only rain on Fridays without TTS. Damn rain. 

I decided to go for a run when the rain let up. There is this small hill in my camp called Bukit Besi and it is one of the steepest hill in my camp. Not many people can run up that hill, let alone cycle up Bukit Besi. It is  challenging and provides a very good work out. Usually after a downpour, the hills would be covered in mist and if I'm lucky I can have a perfect view of KL city from the peak. So, I brought my phone with me on the run meaning to get some nice pictures.

The distant tall radio tower marks the peak

View from the peak

No really beautifully breathtaking photos were taken. Either I suck at photography or my camera sucks. I prefer to think it is the latter =P

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