Friday, 8 March 2013

2013 Kenyir Lake International Triathlon

It has been some time since I participated in a triathlon held in Malaysia. Wait,  before I continue, let me explain what is a triathlon in the first place. Many people, especially Malaysians do not know what is a triathlon. I've met friends who have asked "What religion is that? " when I tell them I do triathlon. 

Basically, triathlon is a sport which consist of 3 disciplines: Swimming, cycling & running. The fastest to complete all the 3 disciplines would then be declared as the champion. There are many different distance depending on the type of race. So, there is the sprint distance, Olympic distance & the long distance (Iron Man distance). I usually race the Olympic distance whereby I swim 1.5km, cycle 40km & run 10km. I prefer this distance as speed comes into the equation more compared to the iron man distance where stamina is the main winning factor. For your information, the iron distance consist of a 3.9km swim,  180km bike & 42.2km run. 

With that in mind, allow me continue with my story. The last time I joined a local triathlon was in 2011 & coincidentally it was the 2011 Kenyir Lake International Triathlon, the same race which I am about to participate. I managed to get first placing in 2011 and thus bringing me to the attention of Triathlon Malaysia Association. Hence, I have represented Malaysia in a few oversea tournaments. Most of the local races were either too close or clashed with the overseas tournaments therefore I have not been able to join any local races since. 

So, 2013 Kenyir International Triathlon will be the first local tournament after a long time and also the first competition of the year. I sure do hope I can do well and make my family & UPNM Medical Faculty proud. Do pray for me and wish me luck as I travel overnight to Terengganu to pit myself against Malaysia's fittest & fastest, namely the commandos and other elite triathletes.

I hope the next blog post would be me announcing my victory hehe. Till then, cheers! 

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