Tuesday, 26 July 2016

End of The Line

6 years ago, I boarded this freight train that took me on a ride of my life. 

On this journey, I've met countless people who has inspired, motivated and influenced me in one way or another. Of note, fellow travellers who partook in this journey with me, scaling unknown heights, achieving the unachievable and defying the norm.

Medical cadets of Intake 2010

Together we are creating history. We are at the forefront, spearheading the birth of a whole new generation of medical doctors. A generation of doctors fully trained in the aspects of medicine and military. 

It has been quite a journey, a long bumpy ride but fascinating nonetheless. This particular ride has only one stop and the stop is coming up fast! All the years of studies and preparation comes down to this last one stop, the end of the line.

And what happens after depends on these last 13 days. Pray to all the Gods out there, pray for strength, discipline and the clarity of mind for us to focus and consolidate all we have learnt and face the Final Professional Exam. Pray that we not only excel but excel phenomenally!

All the best my friends!


  1. ah, my dad is a military retiree. was an OT nurse with the Medical Corps in Kem Terendak Hospital. so much nostalgia seeing you photos of the celoreng and the scrub. all the best to you.

  2. Thank your dad for his years of service! They are very much appreciated. Thank you also for the wish, we'll certainly be doing our best!