Thursday, 17 January 2013


Since I started triathlon 2 years ago, I had to learn the art of swimming, cycling and running. It was no small feat, but eventually I manage to master these skills to do reasonably well in the sport of triathlon. Coming from a swimming background, I had a typical muscular swimmer's body whereby my muscle mass actually slowed me down in running. Therefore, running was like a chore to me as I had to put in a lot of effort just to keep up with my team mates. But after countless of hours and miles of running, I have fallen in love with running as I have gotten leaner thus making me run faster with less effort.

I've come to an extend where I get euphoric when I run. I kid you not. When I run, my breathing synchronizes with my pounding heart and the sound of my footsteps fall in harmony with nature's music, all my worries and troubles seem so very insignificant and for that brief moment of running I achieve enlightenment.  

" Today I'll run as far as I can and I will not stop until I am spent. I will run from my fears, and run from the pain"- Laura Muhawesh

So when I'm feeling overwhelm by the coming examination, a short run will serve to 'de-stress' and re-motivate me, allowing me to return to my books rejuvenated.  
To my fellow course mates and my beloved juniors: All the best for the coming End Semester Exam! Do well and make us all proud :)

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  1. Runner's high. hehe. As long you don't get Jogger's Runs can dy.