Tuesday, 1 January 2013

So Another Year Flies By

I still remember vividly how I celebrated 2011 New Year's Eve one year ago. Twas the night of 31 December 2011, when I stood in a crowd at Midvalley counting down the last few seconds of 2011. In a time span of less than a blink, I suddenly find my self standing on a hill engulfed in darkness and surrounded with a few good friends, counting down the last few seconds of 2012.  

No great pictures as my DSLR has been sent for repair.

I'm sure everyone of you experienced the birth of 2013  in many different ways. Some partying till the break of dawn, some enjoying the fellowship with friends and family or maybe even some lying butt naked and drunk in a ditch. Well, 2013 started for me with a display of fireworks from across the whole of KL city sky.

All the cadets were confined to barracks on New Year's Eve due to a farewell dinner for our beloved Commanding Officer, Lt. Colonel Chan, who will be leaving us very soon. Since we could not go out, we celebrated the new year as best as we could. After the farewell dinner, my roommates and I took a slow walk up a hill overlooking the whole of KL city. As 2013 came upon us, we were bathed in the lights of numerous fireworks display from various location in KL like Mines, Bukit Jalil, Pavilion and so on.

As a saying goes: ' Nothing in this world happens without a reason.' So yeah, be it good or bad, I actually appreciate every single thing/event that has happened to me throughout the year of 2012. These events has taught me many things and I would like to think that they have matured me in some way or another. 

I've learned humility, whereby I can be humble without giving up my self esteem or self confidence. In other words, be humble by not devaluing myself but rather by not devaluing other people. Make sense?? Make great sense to me.

I learned lots of other things too but if I were to write it all here, I can guarantee 2 things will happen. First, I'll still be writing when the next New Year Eve come by; And you would enter a coma due to extreme boredom.  

Next, I would like to share a few highlights of 2012. Just to make it clear, in no way am I trying to boast how great I am or am I trying to show that I am above anybody. Just sharing some important events that has happened to me throughout 2012. Events that have made 2012 a special year to be remembered. So, many years from now, when I'm old and withered and maybe very wise, a smile would be brought to my wrinkled face as I recall the year of 2012. With that in mind, here goes:

Conquered the peak of Mount. Kinabalu for the second time. Learned to be patient and to work together as a group.

Winning the Duathlete of the year title for my University, UPNM.  

Winning a bronze medal in the Subic Bay International Triathlon held in Subic Bay, Philippines. I learned that I am sometimes quite lucky. 

Given the opportunity to race in the Triathlon Asian Championships held in Tateyama, Japan. Seeing the professionals race was a very great reminder never ever be proud and arrogant with my talents as there is always someone at least 7 times better than me.

If family can be categorized as an event, then 'family'  has been, is and will always be the greatest and the most significant event that has ever occurred to me.

Thus concludes this post : )  I hope I am not too late to wish you all a very Happy New Year and may your flatulence always smell great. Cheers!                 


  1. *ooh ZongHua Restaurant, drools*

    You are very blessed! =) Have another blessed & great year
    Btw, I read the small print; WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR DSLR? Spendin the new year at the hospital?

    1. Happy New Year to you too, hope you have a great one =)
      Some minor problem, so I send it for repair. No big deal since I'm having exams at the moment so I won't be taking photos.

    2. I wonder what is the cause of the problem. Oh well, all the best for your exam!