Saturday, 4 May 2013

Plunging Deep!

On the eve of the most historical day in Malaysia, I found myself standing in the shooting range with a AUG Steyr in my hand, undergoing a shooting exercise with the other medical cadets. The guns we were shooting this time was the AUG Steyr or better known as the Bullpup 5.56mm assault rifle. I enjoyed the training even though we had new officers in charge who were stricter.

The rifle we were shooting

Halfway through the training, we had the rarest opportunity to see the 11th Special Force Regiment in action. The 11th Special Force Regiment is made up of commandos and they specialize in counter terrorism and only the best of the best of the best of Malaysia's military personal can qualify to join their ranks. 

The Army is on standby throughout the 13th General Election, so these commandos were posted to KL. They were down at the shooting range recalibrating their weapons and preparing themselves to carry out their duty if needed. The team we saw in action was the sniper team. Their weapons made our Bullpup look like toy guns. I wasn't allowed to take any photo of them but it was my lucky day when I was allowed a picture of me holding their rifle.

Future commando in action??

Our deputy dean and also our lecturer, Professor Dr Victor Faizal was even luckier. He was offered a chance to shoot with their rifles.

A standard sniper shooting formation: a shooter and a spotter

And I tell you, there is no man I respect more than Prof Victor. He is a retired Army Colonel and a very qualified doctor. He served in the United Nations in many war-zones like Bosnia, Lebanon and so on. He also has a vast amount of knowledge, be it military-wise or medically. I'm serious, seasoned soldiers and even doctors come to him for advise.  So imagine having a lecturer with that amount of experience and knowledge, how much more privileged can we get? 

Before I end, let me briefly tell you how did in the 2013 Subic Bay ASTC Asian Triathlon Championship. In short, I managed to get 19th placing out of 23 participants with a timing of 2:17:45.  Not too bad considering that these 22 other participants are the best Asia has to offer. The first place was dominated by an athlete from Japan followed by Kazakhstan then Taipei.

Our Malaysian Paratriathlete, Sabki bin Arifin created a moment to be remembered when he emerged champion in his category. Zoe Bowden, our representative in the Women's Mini Sprint had an outstanding performance too, wining first place. Well done and congratulations to our champions!

A very inspring photo taken by Peth Salvador:

What's your excuse?

You notice how I don't usually post political stuff here? That is because I'm not allowed to or rather not encouraged to do stuff like this. But my heart is with the people of Malaysia, I want Malaysia to change for the better so I when I say: "I am a Malaysian!", I can do it with pride and dignity! People of Malaysia, the future is in your hands, so do your duty to our country and vote wisely! Ini kalilah!


  1. it is very true,prof victor is the all rounded men I have ever seen in my life.congratulation for your achievement in Philippines and ini Kalilah!!!

  2. @Last paragraph, don't be racist Ri. :(
    You are better than that.

    1. Ah thanks for the heads up, Enthel. Hence, that phrase will be said with full respect of honour, no racism meant.