Monday, 27 May 2013

The Story of My "Penance"

I'm currently standing in the parade square for our nightly roll call which would take another hour or so. So I might else well take this time to tell you the story of fulfilling my promise to go to church.

Early Sunday morning saw me eating Cha Quey Tiao at Petaling Street for breakfast. I actually wanted to enjoy my favourite beef noodles but it was not open that early. Well, after breakfast, with a drink in my hand, I made my way to KL Wesley Church which was nearby.

Along the way, I passed by this coffee shop which was empty except for 3 people. There were 2 typical Chinese gangster sharing a table dressed in singlets, tattoos on the arms, legs on the chair, smoking and talking really loud.

Sitting directly opposite them was this Malay man.
No, let me rephrase. Sitting directly opposite them was this giant malay behemoth.
I swear he looked exactly like this picture minus the songkok. Now imagine the biggest man you have ever seen, triple that then you'll know what I'm talking about. The most prominent features of that giant were his forearms, they were about as thick my thighs and his belly which looked as if he was pregnant with a teenager. Just the sight of him was enough to instill fear in your heart.

The scene 
Just as I passed the coffee shop, chaos occurred. I did not see it happened though. I heard shouts, chairs falling, tables overturning. By the time I rush to see what was going on. I was greeted by the sight of the behemoth single-handedly overpowering the gangsters, pinning them to a table.

The behemoth was roaring in malay: "KAU JANGAN BERGERAK! TANGAN LETAK ATAS!!!" (Do not move! Hands up!!) As the gangster meekly obeyed, raising their hands, they were efficiently handcuffed. 

"BERDIRI!" ordered the behemoth in voice so ferocious and commanding I had no choice but to stand at attention too. After the duo was quickly frisked for weapons, they were led away.

Who would have thought that going to church could be so interesting huh? 

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